Hemp as a driver of circularity in the textile industry: from field to recycled fibre.

What is Hemp4Circularity?


The Hemp4Circularity project, funded by Interreg North-West Europe, has the main objective of promoting the large-scale application of "long fibre" textile hemp in the European textile value chain. This ambitious project takes an innovative approach that pursues several crucial objectives. First, it lays the foundations for a promising emerging sector within the European market. Second, it aims to strengthen the circular economy in the textile sector, focusing on sustainability and reuse. Third, the project aims to significantly accelerate the growth and self-reliance of manufacturers in north-western Europe.

From cultivation to recycling

The innovative nature of the project is reflected in its comprehensive approach, covering all links in the processing chain of hemp and flax for textile applications. From growing the raw materials to spinning the yarns, manufacturing fabrics and even recycling them, Hemp4Circularity follows the principles of the circular economy. This focuses on minimising waste and optimising reuse, which not only benefits the environment but also the economic sustainability of the textile industry.

Duration project

23 maart 2023 – 22 maart 2026


€ 3.811.323,42

Funding by ERDF

€ 2.286.794,01

A transnational project

Another remarkable aspect of this project is its emphasis on knowledge sharing and expertise. Hemp4Circularity brings together companies and interest groups from four North-West European countries in a transnational collaboration. This joint effort not only promotes the efficient exchange of know-how, but also contributes to the development of a shared vision and strategy for the future of sustainable textile production in the region. In short, Hemp4Circularity represents a promising step forward towards a more sustainable and circular textile industry in Europe.

Many thanks to all the partners for making this possible: Valbiom, Inagro, Hogent, Hyler, Libeco (Belgium), LCBIO, Safilin, Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp (France), Delphy, van de Bilt zaden en vlas (The Netherlands) and Natuvalis (Germany).

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Hemp4Circularity is a research project co-funded by the European union.