The team behind Hyler possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the development of fibre harvesting and processing machines. With a strong network of partnerships with top-notch suppliers, clients, and research institutions, we are well-supported on our journey. Our primary objective is to provide exceptional value to end-users, prioritizing their needs and requirements.


Hyler Sativa FL20

The world’s first hemp harvesting machine for long fibre textiles on an industrial scale. Automatically adjusts to plant height up to 3.2 metres during harvesting. Optionally, the Sativa FL20 harvests up to 2x more with an 18m3 bunker for 2ha in less than an hour.

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Hyler Sativa FS20

This advanced flag harvester is specially designed to harvest flax in a fast and effective manner. Using innovative technologies and smart engineering, this machine maximises efficiency and minimises the labour intensity of the harvesting process. The machine is equipped with a range of special features that allow it to navigate through the flax fields at high speed. An advanced sensor system automatically detects the rows of flax and adjusts speed and cutting height for optimal harvesting results. This reduces the number of missed plants and minimises crop damage.Optionally, the Sativa FS20 harvests 3ha in less than an hour.

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Easy-Turn 113A

This Easy-Turn works quickly and has high manoeuvrability. Effortlessly turns flax and hemp, up to a length of 1.4 metres.

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Hyler Lupus HB12.9

Can be coupled directly to any tractor with control over the tension walls during the plunger stroke. 8m40 wide and is foldable. Pre-press chamber directly in the press chamber.

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Hyler Latrans FD10

The result of years of experience in harvesting technology.

Upgrade your baling process with our round baling machines. Experience unrivaled efficiency, thanks to their larger capacity and faster operation.  Maximize your productivity and minimize time spent on baling with these cutting-edge machines. Upgrade today and revolutionize your baling operations for hemp, flax and other fibre crops.

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