Our machines

The team behind Hyler has over 40 years of combined knowledge and experience in the development of flax harvesting and processing machines. We are not alone on our journey, we have set up partnerships with suppliers, clients and research institutions that are without any doubt the best in their respective field of expertise.

We are on a mission, we want to be of added value for the end-users!

Hyler Easy-Turn 113A

  • Longitudinal front wheel suspension + pick-up
  • 95% less jamming than conventional machines
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Hydraulically height-adjustable pick-up wheel
  • Variable belt speed
  • Road speed up to 30 km/h
Hyler Easy Turn 113A (3)

Hyler Sativa 200A

  •  Fast harvesting – more than 2ha/hour 
  • Automatic adaptation according to plant height – 1.4 to 3.2 meters 
  • Optional Dual cropping with bunker of 18m³ 
  • Bottom and top of the Hemp in separate swaths
Hyler Sativa 200a

Hyler Easy-Form 120/90 Hybrid

  • Pre-compression chamber directly in the baling chamber
  • Continuous power take off on tractor
  • Control of tension walls during the plunger stroke
  • Knotter without lose twine parts
  • 8 knotters
  • Pickup 8m40 width, and foldable within 2m55
  • Weight system
  • Adaptive pickup
Pickup Op Hoog 0009

Coming soon...

A custom harvester build for you!