Fibre is our drivetrain

Hyler is a young innovative manufacturer of agricultural machinery for the flax and hemp farming industry. No ordinary average machines, but tools which add value in the field. By constantly looking for the biggest pain points and listening to the demands of the current market, Hyler is able to answer with effective machines.


Harvesting machines

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Turning machines

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Hyler machines for...

Flax industry

Flax can without a doubt be called a top product. With applications in almost all possible sectors, it is not surprising that this natural and extremely ecological raw material is still gaining in success.

Hemp Industry

Hemp is one of the first plants to be spun into usable fiber 50,000 years ago. In fact, hemp is a particularly resistant plant which is prone to disease and whose rapid growth requires little energy.

Taart V2

Miscanthus Industry

Miscanthus is a perennial crop that with its high yield potential is ideal for use as bioenergy crop. Miscanthus is just like maize a C4 plant; the grass is able to absorb sunlight on one efficient way to convert biomass at high temperature and with a minimum of water.

Fourage Industry

Forage is a plant material (plant leaves and stems) that can be eaten by grazing livestock such as hay, alfalfa, grass, straw and so an.

Our mission

We believe in natural fibre

We believe in a different way of harvesting, which will provide the maximum efficiency to the land, the fibre and the environment for now and for future generations.

How do we do that?

Making sustainable fibres even more sustainable with innovative harvest processes. The key to achieve this will be through a new way of harvesting which is intelligent, ingenious and future proof.

What do we do?

Hyler will develop a complete "Full-liner" product range of harvesting and factory processing machines that will be designed listening to the end-user and in partnership with our technology suppliers.

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