Our solutions

Our harvesting machines are advanced agricultural solutions. Our solutions offer efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and increased productivity.


Harvesting machines

Harvesting machines for long fiber applications like hemp and flax, offer efficient solutions with adjustable cutting heights, gentle handling, and advanced technologies. They minimize fiber damage while maximizing harvesting capacity, saving time and labor while preserving fiber quality for subsequent processing.



Turning machines

Our turning machines for flax and hemp are specialized agricultural tools designed to facilitate the process of retting and drying fiber stalks. These machines efficiently handle the turning and rearranging of fiber stems during the retting phase, which is crucial for separating the fibers from the stalks.

Turning Machines


Round baling machines

Upgrade your baling process with our round baling machines. Experience unrivaled efficiency, thanks to their larger capacity and faster operation.  Maximize your productivity and minimize time spent on baling with these cutting-edge machines. Upgrade today and revolutionize your baling operations for hemp, flax and other fibre crops.

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Square baling machines

Boost your baling efficiency with our square baling machines. These high-performance machines offer precise and compact baling solutions. Experience increased productivity and reduced handling time with their streamlined operations. Say goodbye to loose and untidy bales as square baling machines ensure neatly packaged and stackable bales, optimizing storage and transportation.

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