Hyler Sativa FL20

The world’s first hemp harvesting machine for long fibre textiles on an industrial scale. Automatically adjusts to plant height up to 3.2 metres during harvesting. Optionally, the Sativa FL20 harvests up to 2x more with an 18m3 bunker for 2ha in less than an hour.

SativaV3 (4)
Front Fl20

Front implements FL20


  • No gearbox, completly open element
  • Big pulleys
  • Belts of 140mm instead of 100mm
  • All the hearts can be opened hydraulically
  • Fan to clean continuesly the header


Harvesting width2m60
Maximum plant lenght3m50

Optional CROP ROTOR for fl20Option – FL20

Extra support for heavy tops and strong winds to guide the hemp into the header

Top & Bottom swath

The machine harvests the head of the plant in one row and then the foot of the plant in a second row, which is very important, to divide the different fibre classes.

Swath inclination

Swath inclination by means of machine pivot point. This ensures better weight distribution on the field and reduces ground pressure.

Foldable stair

Thanks to the foldable stair, you can easily drive through the hemp so that it does not disturb the process

High Harvesting Speed

We reach harvesting speeds of 16 km/h

GPS Trimble

The Trimble® GFX-750™ display system continues a strong tradition of sleek, easy-to-use displays from Trimble Agriculture.

Ergonomic control console

The control console, armrest is ergonomically built to optimise machine operation.

Measurement camera

Thanks to our software and the use of these cameras, the header automatically adjusts to the height of the plants.

Engine: TAD883VE

7.7 liter, in-line 6 cylinder  – 235 kW

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